What Writers Need

Writers need time and feedback.

As I write this today, I am pressed for time. Can’t there be 25 hours in a day? And a fun-house mirror to make me look  thinner wherever I go?

Not likely!

Truth is that writers need to make time to write every day.  Teachers need to schedule writing time in their classrooms every day, too.  Writers become writers because they WRITE.  Ideas need expression.  Today I’m planning my visits to a third grade classroom where we will talk about the kinds of feedback writers need as they use their time to write during daily writing workshop.

Today, I am also responding to a novel in progress written by the wife of a former student of mine. Feedback that truly helps to move a writer forward needs to be thoughtful and specific but not overwhelming.  Let’s see what the third-graders think is important when we discuss this tomorrow!





9 thoughts on “What Writers Need

  1. You’re so right–and finding that time is so hard! But I agree with you: we need to schedule time to write for ourselves and for our students! A mentor once told me that students should read, write, and speak every single day in every single class. That really resonated with me and it’s something I think about when I make my lesson plans. I hope you find ways to guard your writing time!


  2. I couldn’t agree more – the writers need time. Daily reading and daily writing are essentials in third grade. I look forward to reading what the third graders answer to you.


  3. Diane,

    I agree that feedback is an important part of the writing process. Finding the right words to write is only part of the creative journey. Good luck with your students!


  4. I’ll sign that 25 hour a day petition if you have one going around. Writing takes time, but it’s valuable time and learning. I have a 3rd grade teacher who non-negotiably devotes 50 minutes to writing every day. I am not surprised that her students’ reading scores are so high. Thank you for sharing your insights.


  5. This is very, very true. You cannot be a writer if you don’t write. It seems simple, but oftentimes we want to teach them so much, that we forget to give them time to just write. Thanks for the reminder!


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