Writers need feedback

Listen in as third graders talk about what makes good writing:

it’s exciting

it uses words that help me imagine what’s happening

it has a hook

it has details

it has description…but not too much

it uses punctuation

it has facts

it sounds good…every sentence doesn’t sound like every other sentence

it’s organized

you can tell the main idea…you pretty much know what it’s about

it uses paragraphs

it has transitions

good spelling

This class of writers has time to write every day.  Their teacher has written with them and shared his writing as well.  By March they have a pretty good idea about what makes writing interesting.  If we categorize their responses, we see that they have mentioned the following: Focus (it has a main idea; you can tell what it’s about), Ideas (content), Organization, Word choice (description, details, helps me imagine), Sentence variety ( it sounds good), and Conventions (punctuation, spelling). The writers didn’t mention Voice, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Nevertheless, using their knowledge of what makes writing interesting can inform their roles as peer conferrers.  More on that tomorrow.




8 thoughts on “Writers need feedback

  1. When student writers are using words like this, you know they are thinking like writers and reading others’ work with an appreciation for craft moves etc. It is really exciting to read about this kind of talk.


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