Before I learned how to spell, I thought “Friday” was called Friday because we almost always had something fried for dinner: fried fish, fried cheese sandwiches, fried pierogies, mostly. Meatless suppers in our house didn’t vary much.

But those meals didn’t mar my delight in the day. Friday has always been my favorite day of the week, the last day of the school week and the beginning of the weekend. Friday is a day of anticipation. What will Saturday bring? As a child, I loved even the chores (maybe because I didn’t have that many). Going shopping with my mom, hoping that this would be the week she’d buy a brick of cream cheese and treat us to cream cheese and jelly sandwiches was a highlight of the morning. Having all afternoon to play with my friends was the highlight of the day. Enjoying pot roast for Saturday supper was something to contemplate all day!

Though weekends get busier and less leisurely as one becomes a working adult, we still look forward to them. And Friday, Friday is the day that starts it all! Have an enjoyable weekend. Rest up too. Happy Friday!


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