Whaddaya Know?

So, I was thinking of a topic for today’s slice. “Write what you know” the famous advice for all writers. What do I know? Hmm. If I were to compile an expert list, I would surely name “baking cookies” as number one. I am a cookie-baking Mom-Mom.

My Grandchildren don’t request birthday cakes, they want Mom-Mom cookies. These cookies are ones my Italian immigrant mother used to make. They are “S” shaped, iced with vanilla royal icing, and sprinkled with nonpareils. The recipe makes over 200 cookies and uses only 1 cup of sugar. So, I convinced the parents (my children) that they were healthy. Never mind that I use a dozen eggs and a pound of butter.

I love baking those cookies because doing it reminds me of my mother and the times she spent baking with me after I was married and the mother of young children of my own. I hear her voice, “Bringa the eggs outa the fridge so they no be too cold, Diana.” I was the youngest of 11 children, born when my mom was 40 years old. I miss my mom every day, even though she will have been gone 35 years this September. These cookies are a tangible connection to her.

I bake other cookies too, of course: Double chocolate chip, pecan sandies, snickerdoodles. But Mom-Mom cookies are everyone’s favorite.


11 thoughts on “Whaddaya Know?

  1. I love this! I have wonderful memories of baking blueberry pies with my grandmother and chocolate chip cookies with my mother. My daughter loves to bake chocolate chip cookies with me, but she’s now old enough to make them without me – always asking for a reminder of the recipe though.

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  2. Oh, Diane. I love the description of Mom-Mom cookies (and the humor about the cookies being a healthy treat to eat). Your memory of your own mother and this connection to baking is absolutely wonderful and so vivid. I miss my mom every day, too, and only wish she had been around longer so we could shop together, see movies, and talk about books. I am a little envious of all that your mother shared with you about cooking and baking! Eleven children – imagine that!

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  3. I love this piece – I love how you captured her voice: I hear her voice, “Bringa the eggs outa the fridge so they no be too cold, Diana.” It is the simple things that connect us and bring us back to those we love. You are continuing the legacy with your grandkids and you know they will too! Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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  4. I think I want some Mom-Mom cookies!! I love how you captured your mother’s voice. I can picture you two together in the kitchen. What a treat that you can share this tradition with your grandchildren. A great slice!

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  5. I love that you included your mom speaking in her Italian accent. I love that when you make these cookies you have a tangible connection to a mom you miss every day. I love that your children and grandchildren will always be connected to you through these Mom-Mom cookies. And I’m intrigued by a recipe that makes 200 cookies and uses only one cup of sugar! Is it like an egg biscuit but in an s shape? You’ve left me wondering…


  6. What a great story! I love your remembrance of your mother – vivid. Cooking really does bring people together, whether to cook together, eat together, or discuss recipes! My daughter moved to Houston in August and I never know when I’ll get a text asking for a recipe or how to cook something. It sounds like your grandchildren truly appreciate Mom-Mom’s cookies!

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