Love extravagantly

On my way to visit one of the middle schools I’ve been working with, I passed a church with the words “Love Extravagantly” posted on its Welcome sign. “What an admirable sentiment,” I thought, but how does such a sentiment fare in our world today packed as it is with so much coarseness in our daily interactions?

For instance, on the same trip from my home that day, I was driving down a winding country road doing 50, though the posted speed was 45. Still, I had a long line of cars following me, and when an opportunity to pass me came along, a car way at the back made its move. Speeding past at 70 at least, the car’s driver honked at me and gave me the universal sign of displeasure.

I wish that incidents such as this happened rarely, but the truth is they don’t. In the supermarket, I hear a woman my age cursing out loud because she can’t find the “g.d. yeast. Why’d they have to move the expletive, expletive stuff?” This language with children in the aisle! I gave her my “teacher look” but she just said, “What are YOU looking at?” Unwilling to engage in a confrontation, I simply turned away.

Do I live in a particularly harsh part of the good old U.S.A.? I don’t think so. There is just so much anger out there. Is this the culture we live in now? What if we all thought of loving extravagantly? What if we all lived in a spirit of forgiveness? What if we all followed the Golden Rule?

I’m going to try to do better myself in my one small corner of the world.



9 thoughts on “Love extravagantly

  1. Wow! Love your piece this morning, Diane. Today, I wrote about my grandfather – the person I knew who really did live his entire life by the Golden Rule you mention in your piece. It would be great if we could all be a little less angry, a little more forgiving, and capable to love extravagantly! Certainly, I have found both my anger and other people’s anger to be very draining. Negative energy is bad for the soul!

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  2. A wonderful reminder, Diane. It really hurts when anger is directed personally for no reason. It is no wonder people think nothing of hurling angry remarks – they see it modeled every day by our politicians. Love extravagantly – what a better world we would have if we did!

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  3. So true!!! I think of this often. We seem to hold kids in school to higher expectations than we do adults in life. I am amazed at how people conduct themselves. You mention the word anger and that is what worries me. Why so angry? Sometimes it is hard to hear the reason. I am grateful for living the past few years caring for my mom and spending days with people who no longer remember their life. It is a true gift to me and has really pushed me to continually think about what matters. Love extravagantly — I just posted it at my desk…. words to think more about… thank you.

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  4. Diane, this really resonated with me: “I wish that incidents such as this happened rarely, but the truth is they don’t.” It’s so true! Make a difference one person at a time and at the end of the day know that you did the best with what you have. A thought provoking post you shared.

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  5. It seems like we are becoming a nastier world all around – from wars, racism, thieves who hack emails, scam people and steal, to impatience, greed, me first too often. What a world we would have if people treated others with respect and kindness always. Great post.


  6. This is really true. On the other hand, I remember an incident I saw about 10 years ago. I was driving, it was summer so my windows were down. Traffic was getting backed up at an intersection because a car was stalled in one of the lanes. The driver was out of his car and clearly agitated. A bystander (not in a car), yelled, “Hey, why don’t you move your car off to the side.” The driver yelled, “Because it’s ****ing dead, a*******!” At that, the bystander said, “Hey, let me help you. I’ll push it for you.” What could have been an ugly incident turned into a helpful moment. I gave me hope for humanity.


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