This and That

Random thoughts occupying my mind this morning. My sister Fran celebrated her 84th birthday this month. My sister is someone for whom the statement, “ She’s a pistol,” was coined. She has survived two heart bypass operations, breast cancer, bladder cancer, and lymphoma. Every afternoon at precisely 4 p.m. she pours herself an ice cold glass of beer, and considers what to prepare for dinner. She’s a great cook, but now that she’s living alone, she mainly thinks about what to add to her egg white omelets.

Every Wednesday, though, her children, their spouses and all of their children come by for a pasta dinner. Fran will start two pots of sauce, one for meatballs and one for sausages first thing in the morning. The gang will arrive around 5 o’clock and she’ll boil 2 pounds of penne, 1 pound of spaghetti, and 2 pounds of rigatoni. Feasting lasts until the last noodle is consumed.

After her husband died, she came to visit me and brought her own pot roast! “I thought I’d show you how to make pot roast, Diane,” she said.
“But, Fran, I’ve been married for nearly 40 years. I’ve made pot roast a time or two.”
“Yes, but I thought I’d show you how to make a good pot roast.”

Hmmm. “O.K. Thanks.” What else was there for me to say?

I love our conversations. She and I remember incidents in entirely different ways. If I say “Remember when you took me to see Cinderella at the Irving Theater in Carbondale, and Daddy made you promise not to ride the bus with Stu Rutchak?”

She’ll say, “Daddy never did that. He liked Stu. I was the one who didn’t like Stu. He wasn’t my type.”

Or if I remember her pushing me off the dock into the lake teasing me to “sink or swim,” she’ll insist she would absolutely NEVER have done such a thing.

Her granddaughter is getting married in May. Yesterday I promised I’d drive up to take my sister to shop for a dress for the wedding. That will be a long day. Fran is frugal. She’ll want something elegant but not fussy; comfortable but with good lines. She’ll want sleeves and the dress will have to be a shade of green, her favorite color. And she’ll want this dress to cost less than $50. See why it will be a long day? I will enjoy every minute of it.


8 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I seriously want to hang out with your sister Fran! You’re right- she is a pistol! I loved all the little bits about her you included to give your readers a good snapshot of your sister’s personality. It made me smile. Thanks for that!

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  2. Oh is she a sass-pot! I love that she continues to be feisty. I love the line about Stu, and all of the wonderful family memories that you have and write about. But, I don’t think she is finding that dress….Happy hunting!

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  3. Wonderful story about your sister Fran. I can’t believe how much we know about her in this one piece – the anecdotes included here are so revealing – yet concise. Word choice is everything! My favorite one is about the pot roast! As far as the dress hunt, I think you are going to need the luck of the Irish to find the dress you have described (Great description here, too!). And yet, somehow I am pretty sure you will come home with a dress before you’re through!

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  4. Ok — I nearly spit out my coffee with the pot roast line! You capture voice in such an incredible way — pistol is the perfect word choice for her!! I want to go to a Wednesday dinner – how amazing is it that her family still goes every Wednesday. I can’t wait to read the dress slice — I am already laughing!!!

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  5. Loved getting to know your sister,Diane. Your descriptions and anecdotes are perfect! Good luck with the dress, but somehow I think you will find the perfect one.

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