Remember Robert Hall?

I was supposed to visit my sister this past Saturday to help her choose a dress for her granddaughter’s wedding in May, but when she read that her favorite department store was having a sale starting Monday, we changed our plans. I’m going up today instead.


I remember Fran taking me and my two other sisters to buy back-to-school clothes at Robert Hall on Route 6, the Scranton/Carbondale highway in the 1960’s.  Once we left Catholic school in the eighth grade, we needed entire wardrobes! Skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters. Robert Hall was the place to purchase style on a limited budget. In honor of Poetry Month, here is my Ode to Robert Hall.


Ode to Robert Hall


“Mother knows

For better clothes,

It’s back to Robert Hall again.”       Radio jingle 1950’s

Ode to Robert Hall

I remember Robert Hall

On Route 6

Across from the Eynon Drug Store.

I remember bumping along in the back seat

Of the Red Buick.

Stuck in the middle because

I’m the youngest.

School clothes:

Shirtwaist dresses, sweaters, skirts,

Twin sets.

Clothes designed not to last

But to be affordable

and cute even.

Winter wear:

School bomber jackets and

“Sunday best” coats.

All wool for warmth,

With attached scarves

If you were lucky.


I remember an early birthday present

When I was just 16.

A “car coat” in

Pale blue

With a shawl collar,

So sophisticated.


I felt like Doris Day.



6 thoughts on “Remember Robert Hall?

  1. Your poem brought back memories, Diane. Especially the reference to a “car coat.” you don’t hear that much anymore. Good luck with your shopping. Hopefully you will find something for under $50! (remembering your previous post).

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  2. I remember car coats, but not the department store. Our store was Hess Brothers on Hamilton Street in Allentown. I love the ode to Robert Hall – a clever post with an introduction that paves the way for a poem! The inclusion of the jingle made me laugh – you and my husband can sing all the jingles!


  3. I don’t remember car coats, but your poem reminds me of excursions with my mother to Rogers Department Store where we’d buy clothes. They were some of our funnest times! 🙂


  4. I had a uniform until 12th grade… so my shopping spree was before college. Imaging uniforms to college ware?? Girls wore boy PJ bottoms to class. Our department store was Read’s. I remember going to get a special Easter or Christmas dress. I love the ending, “I felt like Doris Day!”

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