Say “Yes” to the Dress

“We’ll start at Boscov’s, honey. They have a sale going, and I have a coupon!”

I’m driving because my sister drives like an Italian national—red lights and stop signs are merely suggestions.

“Fran, didn’t you see that stop sign?”
“What do you mean? I slowed down. Nothing’s coming. Don’t be so critical.”

So, in an effort to avoid “being critical,” I’m driving.

Boscov’s is at the Steamtown Mall, which like most malls is on life support. But Boscov’s is open, orderly, and brightly lit. We head for Petite Better Dresses. My sister is just under 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. We sort through the size 2’s. Almost immediately, I see a sleeveless lime green silk sheath with a short, cream-colored jacket. I can’t believe our luck, but Fran doesn’t like the appliques on the collar. “They don’t lie flat.”

There’s a great little black dress with a lace bodice and also a cap-sleeved floral print, mostly green on a white background. “No” to the black; “Maybe” to the floral print.

“Shall we try on the print?”
We are not trying on dresses, Diane. I’m trying on dresses. Let’s see what else is here.”

She looks through suits and career wear. “Who buys this stuff?”

Back to dresses. “Okay, I’ll try the print.”

I think it looks great. Fran likes it too, but it’s $79.99. Her 20% off coupons brings the price down to $63.99. Not bad, but she thinks she can do better. Anyway, she’s not crazy about the length. “It’s too long, and I don’t want to hem it.”

Back to the car and on to the Viewmont Mall, which is an outdoor shopping center like a Main Street when cities had main street shops. There’s a J.C. Penney’s and a Macy’s.

A dress at Penney’s reminds her of her honeymoon “going away” outfit and makes her teary-eyed, but otherwise the selection doesn’t suit her. At Macy’s she tries on three dresses none of which has a hint of green, all of which fit beautifully, but, unfortunately, are all priced between $125 and $175. “They look nice, but they’re too dear. Let’s have lunch.”

Did I mention Fran is thrifty? The Teppenyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet checks off all her must haves: lunch buffet for $7.49; all you can eat; four buffet tables; dessert and coffee or tea included. Never mind that she always gets the same thing: a spring roll, General Tso’s chicken, and a helping of Buddha’s Delight (all vegetables). “No dessert. I baked a pie for us when we get back. Lemon Meringue. Isn’t that your favorite?”  It is!

We laugh and eat and reconsider the dresses. I reminisce about going shopping for clothes when I did my student teaching, reminding Fran that she altered the jacket of a suit I loved that didn’t quite fit right in the shoulders. “Did I do that?”  She doesn’t think she could repeat that feat again, and she certainly isn’t interested in altering any dress she might buy today!

We decide to head back down to Boscov’s. And she tries on the sheath. It looks stunning, and the appliqued collar lies flat after all. She smiles at her reflection. She likes the sale tag best. Her coupon brings the price to $62.49. She counts out three 20’s and three one dollar bills and patiently waits for her 51 cents in change.

Fran is 82 and my big sister. She is frugal, kind, patient, and she is my cheerleader-in-chief. When we walk to the car, I drape the dress over my arm so I can open the door for her. Before she steps in, I give her a quick hug. “Don’t worry, honey. I plan to be around for a long time yet.”

How does she always know what I’m thinking?








8 thoughts on “Say “Yes” to the Dress

  1. Oh, I think this is my favorite piece, and I love everything you write! The description of all the dresses, the lunch, your sister’s character traits – frugal come through loud and clear! The humor about the way she drives and why YOU were driving – I laughed out loud! The best part – your sister’s words to you – choked me up a little bit. I was on an emotional roller coaster ride, and I want to read this piece again! AND, I want more stories!

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  2. I’m wondering if you live in Scranton, PA? I have been to a mall call Steamtown and wondered if it was the same. We visit near there every summer with my parents. I love this story. It’s a very sweet snapshot of your relationship with your sister. It shows how well you know, support and love each other! Very sweet.

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  3. I love this piece, Diane! It’s humorous, poignant, and wonderfully heartwarming all at the same time. Love your descriptions of the traffic signals as being suggestions and the mall as being on life support. And your title is perfect! I’m sure Fran will look stunning in her dress. You have a special knack for memoir!

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  4. Love the title — I knew just what the story would be –you left me off at the last chapter!!! I love that I know your sister through your writing — you truly capture voice so well. You also did a nice job with foreshadowing –and I am glad she got everything she wanted. The ending was beautiful — a teary chuckle on my end. The bitter sweet of embracing the present, the past and the future. Thank you for taking us with you on the search for the perfect dress!

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  5. I’ve been anxiously waiting to read about the dress shopping! I have this beautifully painted picture in my mind of your sister and you. Such a delightful afternoon you shared creating new memories and reminiscing through the past ones. I’m so happy Fran said yes to the dress!!!

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  6. OMG – I am in tears after this. What a fabulous afternoon you have had.(I read it twice) It made me so thankful to have my sister’s in my life. As the oldest, I hope to be like Fran when I grow up.


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