Beach Time!

We spent last week at the beach in Kill Devil Hills–a rental property across the street from the ocean. We quickly established a daily routine: breakfast, morning at the beach, lunch, afternoons at the pool, snacks, dinner, a movie and/or card games, reading, writing (me), more snacks, and bed.

Food is important in the Dougherty household. Children, grandchildren, old folks–we all like to cook and we enjoy eating what we cook up together! Lots of laughing and lots of talking happen then. The young adults (college students who stay up late and regularly¬† sleep till noon) roused themselves earlier at the beach. We enjoyed their sleepy-eyed company. The younger kids are always “in the moment” like playful puppies who can talk.

It was nothing special; it was all special. Family is everything.


6 thoughts on “Beach Time!

  1. “It was nothing special. It was all special.” Those lines say it all. There is such deep pleasure to be found in simple, ordinary times with those we love. I’m so glad you had this time with your family.

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  2. You know you’ve written a powerful line when all the comments center on it. I was also going to quote that line, but see the others have referenced it. Love, love, love it. Will be recycling that one in my world. Thank you.

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