A New Beginning

My oldest granddaughter is beginning her first year of college. I am inordinately proud of her. She has always been a thinker, a planner, an original. When she was in elementary school, her teachers would ask her for book recommendations! She blew through three Kindles—using them for hours daily exacted a toll.  I thought I read a lot, but Maddie has surpassed me there. Yet, she always has time for friends and for other interests as well. She is now 1,000+ miles away (as of Sunday). Just before she left we celebrated her 18th birthday. Here is the poem I wrote for her, borrowing the title from Georgia Heard’s wonderful book about teaching poetry writing to children.

Awakening the Heart

I am your Mom-Mom,

Your cheerleader and your advocate.

When you were born,

I was there to see your face and to hear your lusty cry.

I was there when your appearance awakened my heart.

You were so tiny, so fragile, so beautiful.

Your presence made bright promises of a future yet to be.

Now you are eighteen.

Off to college, on to new experiences and a fresh tomorrow.

I will not be there to see your face on campus,

Nor will I be there to hear you voice your developing ideas.

My presence will be in spirit—

In the confidence you have to be Maddie and nobody else;

In the essential qualities and principles

That make you YOU.

My presence will be in the idea of “home”

A place of green space and sun and unlimited, unasked-for love.

I am your Mom-Mom who adores you,

Wishing you days of brightness,

Wishing you infinite perfection,

Like a skater tracing figure eights on ice.


6 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. WOW!! Your granddaughter is SO lucky!!
    My tears started when reading:
    When you were born,
    I was there to see your face and to hear your lusty cry.
    Maybe because my 2 girls never got to meet their granddad but they love their Nana.
    You put into words what she and I guess ALL grandparents feel perfectly.
    WOW! We are ALL lucky for the “Mom-Mom” in our lives!
    Thanks for sharing your poem with us. I hope you shared it with Maddie, too!


  2. So beautiful, Diane! I just love the poem tradition you started with your grandchildren. I intend to steal that idea some day….some day. Maddie and her siblings and cousins are so blessed (and I can’t believe she is 18 already!)

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