Autumn Madness

So, now it is autumn. My friend, Lynne, says this is her favorite season of the year, but I wonder if it’s true for her this election season. My own anxiety is so high I might soon need blood pressure medication! How did we get here? How did the unthinkable (at least unthinkable to me) happen? Members of my extended family, whom I love dearly, are supporting a candidate I find impossible to conceive of being in the Oval Office. Fortunately for my marriage, my husband isn’t one of them! I have been frantically googling the polls, following every turn of events. I’m obsessive!

I try to distract myself by reading, by cleaning out my office, by writing, by listening to music, but all the time there it is: The dread of the unthinkable. I try to believe that the country can withstand even this, but I worry that it can’t. I try to envision how happy the “other side” will be (and some, I assume, are good people) and hope their happiness will make them kinder and gentler.

I wrote this blog post for last week, but couldn’t bring myself to post it. Political speech is so divisive and I didn’t want to get into that kind of war of words and emotions. However, today I feel moved to post this. I could not compel myself to watch the so-called debate last night. This morning I read the analyses. It seems to me that reason will not prevail this election cycle. Even though one candidate clearly out”smarted” the other, that performance may not change hearts and minds.

It’s raining this morning here. Perhaps, once the sun comes out, my mood will brighten with it.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Madness

  1. It is madness that we are even in this position. I am sick at the thought of who will be our leader. I can only pray that some will wake up and see the who is the better choice.


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