On my desk

What’s on my desk?

A better question would be, “What isn’t on my desk?” I keep a neat home, a neat (enough) kitchen, a neat closet, but boy oh boy, my desk looks like my mother’s worst nightmare. To begin with, there are three calendars—one from 2016 that I’m keeping until I can transfer birthdays to one of the 2017 calendars. Why do I need two 2017 calendars? Well, one is a collection of scenes from Yosemite that I love, and the other has spaces big enough for notes, and it’s a cartoon calendar from the New Yorker, so…

Then, there are the folders—student sample folders, trip information folders, ticket receipt folders for opera and orchestra exchanges, folders of newspaper clippings, and oh, here’s one that’s totally empty—Yay!  There are two rows of journals, and one cubby filled with notecards and envelopes. There’s a pencil/pen tray, a stapler, a box of paper clips and a stack of “To be filed” papers that I never seem to get around to filing. I have two dictionaries, a thesaurus, Maya Angelou’s Amazing Peace, A Christmas Poem, and a pocket-sized copy of The Stratford Shakespeare Anthology for inspiration. My laptop is in the center of the desk, with a printer/scanner in the corner. Behind the printer is a hand-made card from a sixth-grade class I worked with, signed by all of the students and their teacher. I can’t just throw that away now can I?

From time to time I make up my mind that I will get things in order, but, invariably, when I do, I find I’m missing something. Where did I put the _____? Why can’t I find my______? If I leave things as they are, I can usually put my hands on whatever I need in a few minutes. My mother would be scandalized by my messiness. “How can you get anything done in this confusion?” she might well ask.  I don’t know. It just works for me somehow. Sorry, Ma.



11 thoughts on “On my desk

  1. You should read Melanie Meehan’s post today – she got caught in the “messiness” of her process at work. You might relate. Your post helps me understand my son — his desp looks a mess but it is completely organized to him. I leave him be, but I do have to resist cleaning it up when he leaves for school in the morning. I will think of you and just shut the door. So glad to connect with you again this month.

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  2. All I can say is that must be a really, really big desk! I’m a neat freak and have “rules” but I have to say my attic is my downfall…we won’t even go there today! Thanks for a post that made me smile!


  3. Your space sounds perfect, Diane, because it has all the things that make you the person/teacher/writer you are…and you know where everything is! I love that you still have the card from the sixth graders! No, you can’t throw that away. I like working in a neater space also, but somehow when I go to organize, I just re-pile.Here’s to messy spaces!

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