Today would have been my sister’s 76th birthday.  With respect to T.S.Eliot, it’s March that is “the cruelest month.”

I wrote this short poem last summer at the beach thinking of my sister, Mary


Steady sun warms me,

Grasses wave in the sea breeze,

How you would have loved this day!

Someone laughs,

And there you are

In my heart

Where you live with me



11 thoughts on “Mary

  1. Diane – this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. I love how you captured this poem in the moment when she came to you. I find these moments all the time now – with my mom and dad. I do believe somehow they are touching us, advising us, being with us. Thinking of you today.

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  2. Beautiful, Diane! I love the description of the summer day – particularly the adjective steady to describe the sun. Love that you remember your sister with so much love, how you miss her but how you always find her within your heart. Just a beautiful poem! Lovely. Spilling over with love.

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  3. There is a special bond that exists between siblings. Even though they drive us crazy at times they are always there for us and we for them. Thank you for sharing these loving thoughts.

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  4. Diane! This brought tears to my eyes. What I love the most about your blog is the warm feel I get when you share about your family. I still remember the post you wrote last year about dress shopping with your sister. You’ve inspired me to do some deeper reflecting about my family and I hope too to write such beautiful pieces.

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