Maybe some haikus

Maybe some haikus


Writing is easy.

Just words on a page. That’s all.

Say those who don’t write.


Ruthless revision

No mercy for your darlings.

Make every word count.


Confer, revise, think

Write, cross out, and write some more.

Throw it all away.


Sometimes words flow fast.

Most time they are stalactites.

Forming over time.



11 thoughts on “Maybe some haikus

  1. Great kaikus, Diane. If i were to pick a favorite I don’t know that I could. I do especially like the last one. It does take time for words to form.


  2. Hello, I love these haikus. You are speaking universal truth for writers. So sweet. The one most poignant to me is the revision, struggling, thinking, crossing out and more, and then it gets tossed. Yes, sometimes we just can’t make it happen.

    Here’s to smooth flowing words for the rest of March, at least!

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