My Rememories

Sitting on Daddy’s lap

In the glider on the back porch

During Thunderstorms

Singing World War I songs

“It’s a long way to Tipperary.”


Huddled around the coal stove

During winter blizzards

Junior calling the words

Everybody singing

“On Top of Old Smokey”


Snacking on sweet potatoes

Roasted in the oven

So sweet we eat them

Skin and all.


Strumming Ray’s guitar

“Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie”


Draping wet socks

Over the oven door

Stacking shoes and boots

Next to the firebox

After evenings of sledding

Down Reczak’s Hill


Sitting at the extended Formica table

Leaves laden with spaghetti



Junior calling the words, everybody singing

“On Top of Spaghetti”


Turning the crank of the Victrola

The Great Caruso singing

“Nessun Dorma”

Scratchy, transporting beauty in the front room







17 thoughts on “My Rememories

  1. Yes, irreplaceable. I watched storms with my dad, too. No singing, though. No coal stove at home, but on a visit to our uncle’s, my little brother kept watching until he though he had it figured out. When it got a little chilly, he asked, “Can I put some more rocks in there?”

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  2. I love how it told a story – a story I wanted to know more about. I could see each scene and hear the songs being sung. I could picture this family laughing, hugging and playing between stanzas. There was something so familiar and yet so many questions I had as I read. Then, as I reread, I noticed the title. I looked up the word because it was new to me. What an interesting idea. You certainly did it well. Thank you for the beautiful poem and for teaching me something today.

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    1. Clare, “rememories” was my daughter’s word for “memories.” Until your comment, I wasn’t aware that there was a definition out there! Thank YOU for teaching me something today.


  3. Love this journey back in time and the songs attached so powerfully to the memories. That extended Formica table . . . ours was red. What color was yours?


  4. Wow, what a great way to place a thread through the writing with the mention of song titles – loved it! This poem reminds me of the style of Rylant in When I Was Young in the Mountains. The appeal to the senses – so vivid! A movie on paper. Great memories to cherish!

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  5. Love these memories. My grandmother had a huge black cast iron stove that made the best meals…especially homemade bead. She also had a gray formica table. Thanks for the memories.

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  6. Such a clever title for your post. As I was reading I was wondering back to songs that I sang as a child. I enjoyed reminiscing with you and hearing your story. There is always a common theme of how important family is!

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  7. Love the play on words, “Rememory!” Did you come up with this. This is a nostalgic glimpse back in time, uniquely you. Thank you so much for this post. You note times of slowing down and connecting.


  8. Sweet memories. I like the title rememories, for we go back to these special thoughts so often, reliving them in our minds. Yes, they are irreplaceable. Blessings to you!


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