And the beat goes on

My dad loved to listen to baseball games on the radio. He was a Yankees fan and I can still hear the voice of Mel Allen calling the games. My dad kept up a running commentary with Mel, griping about the missed plays, talking back to the radio, which we kids all thought was hilarious. My husband does the same thing now watching college basketball. I heard him in the den the other day talking back to the coaches. Did I marry my father?

My mother had “go to” meals for stormy weather. She’d start with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and hot cocoa; then, set a pot of soup going on the burner, adding ingredients all day long as it simmered and whetted our appetites. Something chocolate for dessert—brownies or her famous mayonnaise cake (have you ever tried it?). She’d have sweet potatoes in the oven for snacks as we came in from sledding or snowman building. Yesterday’s snow and sleet awakened me and my first thought was, “I’m going to make soup! Brownies for dessert.”  Have I become my mother?

I like to read advice columns (or I used to like to read them when Dear Abby was the author). She once advised a writer to reexamine her commitment to a man who told her  that he didn’t like her mother very much. I don’t know if that advice was followed—it is food for thought, though. Fortunately, my husband loved my mother and I loved my father. It’s a good thing, since they are both living here with us every day.


9 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. i connected to this piece. “Did I marry my father?” and “Have I become my mother?” are questions that visit me more as I get older. It is surprising when I catch myself doing or saying something similar to my mother.

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  2. Diane, your posts about your family are always so touching. I love “did I marry my father, have I become my mother?” And the way you closed up your piece brought it full circle. You have inspired me to start capturing memories from my childhood into my own personal journal. I can only aspire to be able to write like this when I go to put the pieces together.

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  3. Love this post, Diane! I can see and hear Joe talking heatedly with the coaches and players as he watches the tv screen. It is surprising because today I wrote about Ralph and his silly jokes – and in a way, that is my dad all over again! Do we marry someone who reminds us of our own father? It is always so easy to read your words – I devour them, especially when you are writing about your family!

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  4. Kathy ha often said that in some ways I am like her father. I take that as a compliment. There is nothing like a pot of soup or stew simmering on the stove on a wintry day. It somehow seems to warm the house besides smelling good.

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  5. My Da listened to the Mets on the radio. He too talked to the radio as if he was talking to the announcer and the players. Offering his bit of advice. Likewise my husband wj=ho was a Giants fan, talked each Sunday to the TV–some games found him standing, gesturing, and yelling. Thanks for keying up that memory.

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  6. I love the reflective endings you have been using in your slices – you move us from your story to a bigger consideration. Chris and I often laugh that we are becoming his parents! Guess it is just part of the process!

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