Ice Cream Memories

Lynne Dorfman’s “your turn” lesson yesterday inspired me to write this poem.


Walking to the grand opening of

Mattise’s Ice Cream Shoppe.

My first cone.

5 cents.

One lick and

Splat! The scoop of vanilla

On the sidewalk.


My sister

Marching into the store

Demanding my scoop be replaced.


In my neighbor’s stations wagon,

Five kids, two adults,

Grand opening of


Free cones!

I choose vanilla with chocolate sprinkles.

My friend orders chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.

We switch half eaten cones.

Best friends will do that.


Running after the Mr. Softee truck.

S-O-F-T-double E, Mr. Softee.

A mixed vanilla/chocolate cone

10 cents.

Line up

At the window.

Drop my dime in the gutter.


My friend

Digging into her pocket

Finds another dime.

“You can pay me later.”


Driving with the top down

In Sammy’s Studebaker.

Montdale Dairy ice cream

Cones 25 cents.

My love affair with banana ice cream


My love affair with Sammy


He “doesn’t like” ice cream. Well!



5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Memories

  1. Every time I would get a cone it would end up on the ground. To this day I get a dish unless it’s soft ice cream. I loved watching the price of ice cream go up as I read through your poem. I think I need to work on an ice cream story now!

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  2. I love how the poem was also a story — it took us through time. I love “We switch half eaten cones. Best friends will do that.” Tammy and I share drinks, food, lip stuff… we will be in the middle of a presentation and just drink from the other person’s water bottle. It typically shocks people — from now on I will just say -“-Best friends will do that.”
    Thank you

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