Zip into a poem

Thanks to Rose Cappelli, who sliced about using her phone number as a springboard for a poem, I’ve used my zip code to come up with today’s slice.


I used my zip code as a structure for this slice.


Gerry, Marie, Naomi, Cynthia, Charlene, Lynne, Gini, Nancy, Jane.

Sharing our laughter,

Sharing our tears,

Strong women who really listen.


Years may pass with no physical contact,

I know they are present.

In my “mind’s eye” I hear them.


5 thoughts on “Zip into a poem

  1. Zip code poems are so fun! You even wrote using the extended zip code. Yes, a true friend is one that is present even if they aren’t present. I can always feel the importance of family and friends when you share.

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  2. It took me a minute to figure out the structure — I liked having to figure it out… so many great ideas. I agree with Rose that kids would love this! Almost like a puzzle within a poem And… a lovely poem about friendship — so many lines ring true!

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