That’s the way it goes

“Oh no!” I forgot my phone.

Lynne and I are driving to Shippensburg for a presentation.
“I can’t believe it. I must have left my phone on the kitchen table. Please call Ralph and ask him to tell Joe that I’m without my phone in case he tries to call me.”

Don’t you hate it when you are without your phone? How did we manage without cell phones? Remember the l-o-n-g  phone cords (usually in the kitchen) that let your move around and do chores while chatting? Remember when portable phones came with an antenna you had to lift up to connect? Remember “car phones” that came in a bag? Seems like a lifetime ago.  Yet, when I catch an old Seinfeld (series ended 1999, I think), I see all these old technologies.

I’m in the market for a new phone, but I hesitate to buy one. As Lynne says, “It’s a learning curve when you get anything new.”  I say, “The scariest word in the English language is ‘update’.”

Our conversation is interrupted by my car blue tooth ringing. “It’s me. You do have your phone. I can see that you’re at the Lawn exit of the turnpike. Anyway, I’m calling you.”

Much laughter and relief. This is the world we live in now. Good? I guess so.



11 thoughts on “That’s the way it goes

  1. Your story is both so wise and funny!! Your shout out to Seinfeld is perfect because this post sounds just like something Jerry would say/do! Favorite line: “The scariest word in the English language is ‘update’.” So glad I clicked and read this today!! It put me in a good mood.

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  2. I am so sorry to miss your event today. Life has gotten in the way – I’m so sorry! I did the same thing. I didn’t know where my phone was, but was able to use my car to make a call. Must be in here somewhere!

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  3. What a funny story! You allowed me to reminisce about how much phones have changed. In fact, I feel that they have changed so much that I barely know how to use a traditional phone. Glad you “found” your phone and good luck shopping!


  4. I was with you, and it was so funny when Joe called to tell you that “I guess you do have your phone.” Ralph said he and Joe had a good laugh. Then we laughed again. Diane, this post wrote itself before we arrived in Shippensburg!


  5. What a great story with an unexpected twist of an ending! I always wonder how we survived before cell phones- and yet we did just that for so long!! The world we live in has certainly changed.

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  6. We constantly call each other to find our phones — seems crazy. I am so grateful I did not have a phone when my kids were young. I am glad I did not have the distraction– although now I can’t live without it! Thanks for sharing a laugh!


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