A chance encounter/a memory

Yesterday, as Lynn and I were leaving Shippensburg,  I saw a young girl march across a parking lot with her dad. Her swinging arms and direct stride reminded me of my granddaughter when she was a toddler. I wrote Maddie a poem for her for her second birthday. That young girl yesterday reminded me to dig that poem out. Today, I’m sharing it as my slice.


Madelyn at Two

Words cannot tell your walk:

How your elbows swing back and forth

To your little heel and toe movements.

How your curls bounce

Like soft cotton clouds

Over your sweet smile.

Words cannot tell my joy:

When you wrap your arms

Around my neck and say, “My Mom-Mom.”

When you sit on my lap

As I read to you and you turn the pages.

Words cannot tell the peace I feel

As I watch you sleep

Thumb in mouth,

“Doggie” by your side.

You are two.

Words cannot tell my love.



12 thoughts on “A chance encounter/a memory

  1. Your writing brings tears to my eyes for two reasons. One is that I don’t know your family but you give me the opportunity to meet them through your words. The second is the regret I have for not starting my writing journey sooner. I am truly understanding the power of our words through the reading and writing that the SOLSC brings.

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    1. Amy, thank you for your kind words. I hope we do meet one day; however, I feel as if I do know you from your wonderful writing. You may have started late, but you are definitely “all in.”


  2. What a great tribute to your granddaughter–I hope she has it memorized by now–you don’t say how old she is now, but you’ve shared it with her right? The images and the repetition are great, and a huge dose of love jumps off the pages!

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    1. Maddie will be 19 in August. Yes, she has this poem and the 17 others I’ve written for her for each birthday. It’s a tradition I started when her brother was born. Now I have 8 grandchildren and Birthday poems are always on my “to be written” list!


  3. Just beautiful, Diane! I love the tie with a present observation and a past piece of writing. I love the effective repetition and the rhythm of this poem. I love the separate visual pictures you create of Maddie walking, of you reading together, of Maddie asleep with her dog. Just so lovely!

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  4. A lovely poem, Diane. And I especially liked how you shared that a glimpse of a child walking with her father sparked that memory. Writing ideas abound if we open our eyes and ears and hearts to them. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have your poems (and you!)

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