Things that make me go “Huh!”

  1. Why do drivers ride in the passing lane when they’re not passing?
  2. Why does the guy who holds the door open for you at the WaWa try to run you over in the parking lot later?
  3. Speaking of WaWa, why do some customers park in the filling station space after they have filled their gas tanks while they run in for coffee?
  4. Why do those “Two ingredients that will change your life” recipes usually contain more than two ingredients?
  5. Why do I click on those recipes anyway?
  6. Why is adjusting to Daylight Savings Time more disorienting to me than switching back to Standard time?
  7. Speaking of Daylight Savings Time, even though I love increased daylight at the end of the day, how does it save energy since I need lights in the beginning of the day anyhow?
  8. Why does toast always fall butter side down?
  9. How come salads in restaurants often contain more calories than a burger?
  10. And the # 1 thing that makes me go “Huh!”  April’s Fools Day has come and gone. Why is “He who must not be named” still President?

10 thoughts on “Things that make me go “Huh!”

  1. I love all of the things on your list – amazing that salads are often more calories than burgers (Is it the dressing/)! Of course, your final comment is funny – but not really, if you know what I mean!

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