You get what you pay for!

Last week Lynne and I presented a staff development in Daytona Beach, FL. Since we were there for only one night, we used proximity to the site of our presentation to choose our hotel. Price entered into the equation as well. The rate was $89 + tax.  Woohoo!

When we arrived at the hotel, a very pleasant young man at the desk informed us that our room was not ready. “But, if you don’t mind, we can put you in another room instead.” Of course, that was fine with us. We rolled our suitcases to the room, unpacked, and settled in.

“Isn’t it cold in here?”

“I’ll turn up the temperature. Huh! It’s already set at 75!”

“It feels way colder than 75.”

“I’ll turn it up a notch anyway.”

We opened up the computer and began to look over our PowerPoint.

I felt chilled and my sinuses began to fill up. Looking for tissues, I noticed the container on the bathroom shelf was empty. “I’ll call the desk for tissues.” The phone, however, did not work. We discovered that the cord was missing! The receiver fit into the cradle without benefit of any connection whatsoever. “I guess I’ll go down to the desk.”

“Our room needs tissues, and our phone doesn’t work.”
“Oh, were you trying to call another room? We don’t have that feature any more.”
“No, you don’t understand. I’m not trying to call another room. The phone lacks a cord. It’s not connected to anything.”
“Oh. Sorry. I’ll send someone to fix it.”
I left, completely forgetting about the tissues.

Lynne and I continued to review the PowerPoint, and I continued to feel stuffed up until it was time for dinner. We hopped into the car and drove to a nearby restaurant. When we returned to the room, we noticed it was still quite chilly. I turned the thermostat up another notch, and went in to take a shower. In the meantime, Lynne tried to turn on the TV. When I emerged from the bathroom, Lynne asked me if to  figure out how to turn on the TV. “Seriously? How hard can it be?”

We tried every button on the remote and several more on the side of the TV itself. Nothing except “No signal” was in view. To make matters worse, my nose became so clogged I could hardly breathe.

Back down to the desk we went. This time, a pleasant, young woman was in charge.

“Our TV doesn’t work and we still need tissues.”

“I’ll come down and check on the TV for you and I’ll bring you tissues.”

Several minutes later, the nice, young woman arrived at our door. “Hmm. Looks like there’s a loose cable or something. I can call the maintenance man, or we can change your room.”

We decided to change rooms.

Our new room had a phone and tissues and was not a refrigerator. My sinuses felt better almost immediately.

“Quality Inn” huh? That old adage is certainly true: “You get what you pay


10 thoughts on “You get what you pay for!

  1. It is so true! I’ve been had on occasions where I thought I was saving. Some people can find those great deals at a great rate but it usually doesn’t work that way for me. Live and learn I’ve been told.

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  2. Oh … the hotel room stories I could tell. One had Tammy and I running between rooms trying to find water so we could shower before a presentation — they put us on a floor undergoing construction — forgot we might need to shower. You might have just given me a whole new territory to write about. Glad you feel better – -travel can have its downsides!


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