6 Words–12 Times

The last day in 6 words – 12 times. Before I do that, I want to say that once again this has been a challenge and a joy. Reading the posts of other slicers has inspired me, and writing daily for an audience has enriched me. Clare, Rose, Lynne, and Aileen, who read and responded every time, you can never know how much that meant to me as a writer. Having an audience is very satisfying!

Thank you twowritingteachers.wordpress for the opportunity.

Thanks, Betsy, for retrieving spammed posts.

Thank you, slicers, for thoughtful comments.

I learned to trust the process.

Thanks, Lanny, for teaching me that.

I discovered new structures for poetry.

I found books I need to read.

I made new friends, bloggers all.

Thank you for renewing my hope.

It’s been 31 short writing days.

Six words can say a lot,

See you all on Slicing Tuesdays!


14 thoughts on “6 Words–12 Times

  1. Learning to trust the process was a big piece of this month’s challenge for me. In the last year or so, I’ve also become much more aware of the power of structure. Yours works so well here. What a great way to finish! See you next Tuesday!

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  2. Wow, I’m honored for the shout out here in your final post! Thank you for that, as well as your thoughts, insights, and comments. You’ve become a treasured colleague, and I’m so glad you participated in this challenge!

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  3. Absolutely loved this — thank you. I cry as I write this response – knowing I will miss connecting with you daily. You are someone I met at a time when I really needed you. Although our relationship has been mostly virtual (can’t believe I am saying that at 48 years old) you mean more to me than you will ever know. 31 days sounds long, but in many ways, it is too short. At least we have Tuesdays … and hopefully another trip to Boston soon!

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