Nothing happens

There’s a simplicity to baseball. I’m not a big sports fan, but I’ve always liked the game. There’s a gentleness to it. Even the words that describe the action are benevolent home, safe, walk, catch, aboard, home run, grand slam.

Baseball was my father’s passion. He and my brother, Anthony, were Red Sox fans. They’d sit on the back porch with a transistor radio listening to Curt Gowdy’s play-by-play. As I recall, despite their enthusiasm for the team, they were often disappointed in the outcome. They cheered anyway, and I cheered with them on that back porch in the late afternoon sun. My mother tolerated the noise, and sometimes brought out popcorn, but she tried to discourage my participation. Baseball was not for girls.

When I was in high school, I attended every home baseball game played in the field beside the fire hall. Sometimes my dad would come with me and my best friend Marie. Those afternoons are precious memories. Tommy W. had a great backdoor slider and struck out one unsuspecting batter after another.

These days I watch the Phillies on television, but it’s been a long time since we’ve attended a game in person.  Once baseball was America’s pastime. I wonder if we would be better off as a society if it still were. Maybe not.


13 thoughts on “Nothing happens

  1. Okay! Let’s go to a game together or meet Tammy and Clare and get tickets for a game in Boston – wouldn’t that be fun? Visit Shelly Keller’s post. She wrote a poem about going to a Phillies game today. Baseball must be in the air!

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  2. I love the “benevolence” you see in baseball. What other sport fosters such warm, poignant memories?
    You mention the grand slam. Have you heard the term (mostly used in the early days of baseball) for a three-run home run? A jimmy jack. My youngest son and I enjoyed uncovering that several years back.

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  3. I have a special affection for baseball, too. In my 20’s I discovered the joys of minor-league ball. I saw much of the Oneonta Yankees, the Harrisburg Senators, and the Lakewood Blue Claws. Now, my local team is the Somerset Patriots, and I occasionally run into one of my childhood heroes, Sparky Lyle, who now works for them. Minor league ball is all of the fun without expense and aggravation. My major-league team is the Yankees, but I am a public-school employee. The Yankees are just too rich for my blood.

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  4. Opening Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I remember listening to the Phillies on the transistor radio with my dad. I think we would be better off if it were still America’s pastime. We can all use a slow down.

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  5. I am a huge baseball fan, so when I saw your comments on Rose’s blog, I had to come over and read your post. I live in Denver, so the Rockies are my team. I do go to quite a few games. Like you, I love that it seems like a kinder, gentler, sport. No one is trying to hit anyone, and there’s not too much blood. My kind of sport!

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