What Can I Say?

First, the opera yesterday was beyond words. It was an HD Live performance (available in some movie theaters across the country), and every singer was at top voice. It was a long day and a long sit, but except for my creaky old knees, I didn’t mind. In fact, being swept away by the music, I didn’t even notice until I tried to stand up!

Second, I want to thank all the slicers whose posts buoyed my spirits and and whose writing bolstered my determination to be better at writing daily. How did you all do it? How did you fit the time to write and share into your already packed days? How can I thank you for your thoughtful words of support? I am so grateful to you.

Third, I hope to see more posts in the coming months. This community of readers and writers has been significant. Thank you to Two Writing Teachers and the entire writing team for making this community possible.

And now

I say, “So long,”

I breathe a sigh,

As I write,

“That’s the end of my


I have nothing more to say.”




23 thoughts on “What Can I Say?

  1. Yes, it is difficult to add in the daily writing when everyone is trying to balance so much. I am thankful for this space too. While my blog has been dormant, the beauty of it is that it will wait patiently until I show up. I always enjoy reading your writing! I’m glad you took the time to share a slice of your life this month.

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      1. It’s Diane. Actually, it’s Eleanor, but that’s a story for another time. Lynne is my co-author on two professional books we wrote for Stenhouse. When I started the blog, I thought we would use it for blogging about the books, and I’m too lazy to change the name now. So…


  2. The opera sounds fantastic! Glad we will be going next year – I missed our time in NYC this spring! I hope to slice on Tuesdays, too, Diane. Your posts always make me think and feel something. You are an incredible writer! And, may I add, an incredible friend!

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  3. It is amazing how we all find the time to do what is important to us and in March the most important thing is daily writing. I think we all feel a bit depleted of words right now but I am sure come Tuesday many of us will find that word bank has been restocked.

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