The “Joys” of Travel

“To travel is to live,” says Hans Christian Andersen.

That may be true, but preparing to travel, well, that shaves hours if not days off my life! Yesterday, my husband and I began the preparations for our 10-day vacation in Iceland. We had a list: necessary gear, passports, comfortable clothing and shoes, rain gear, fleeces, camera (yes, the phone is not enough), parking reservation at the airport, old-folks insurance (medicare is not useful in Europe). We managed just fine. (I’m lying, but you really don’t need to be privy to all of our spats, do you?)

Then, my husband tried to notify our credit card company that we would be away. That was so much fun. “Say the first three letters of your mother’s maiden name.” He replies. “We’re sorry. That is incorrect. Please try again.” He does. “We’re sorry. That is incorrect. Please hold.” Tell me why the “music” on hold is so annoying.  Several minutes later, a human being asks a series of other questions. She puts us on hold while she checks with her supervisor. “Thank you for holding, Mr. Dougherty. Do you know anyone named “Diane”? ”


“Please hold.”

15 minutes later we were approved for travel. We probably won’t even use that card. It was my idea to take two different cards–one I will carry and one he will carry “just in case.” We’d already notified the other company.

Then I tried to print our tickets. After entering all of the passport information, I was asked if we wanted to “expedite” our wait in security for $15 per passenger. Why not? My husband is not a patient man at airports, and what’s another $30? But the site would not accept my credit card! I did print the tickets though. One more chore completed.

Today the weather man predicts strong storms in the late afternoon. Let’s hope we take off on time since we have a connecting flight. I have a friend who says she loves traveling with me. “You do all the worrying, and I don’t have to.”

“Life is short and the world is wide.” We’re off to see it.

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