Diane Esolen Dougherty

Diane is an independent literacy consultant, a writer of professional articles, and the co-author of Grammar Matters: Lessons, Tips, and Conversations Using Mentor Texts, published by Stenhouse Publishers and A Closer Look: Learning about Our Writers with Formative Assessment K-6 due out in fall 2017.

Diane enjoys being in the classroom, modeling writing lessons and working with young writers. Her eight grandchildren keep her busy baking cookies and playing board games. The family vacations in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and frequently visits the NJ shore during the summer.

Lynne R. Dorfman

Lynne is a co-director of the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project at West Chester University, West Chester, PA. She has served as an adjunct professor at Arcadia University for over 15 years. Lynne has co-authored three books on mentor text with Rose Capelli, and two books with Diane: Grammar Matters and A Closer Look to be published fall 2017.

Lynne enjoys working in the garden, playing with her two Welsh corgi dogs, and spending time with her goddaughters. She vacations on Long Beach Island, NJ each summer with her husband Ralph.

Diane and Lynne have conducted staff development workshops on many topics involving literacy learning in many Pennsylvania schools and present at state and national conferences including: KSRA, NCTE, RRCNA, PCTELA, CCIRA, CARR, WSRA, and ILA.

Lynne Diane Brian Mark-1

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